Some People Don't Dance Because They Got No Feet

by Battery One Dollar

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released April 18, 2013

Music by Battery One Dollar

Make Us Famous Records

Cover art:
Art Director: Dmitry Byalik
Photographer: Anthony Mataro
Models: Rachel Koprowski, Hannah-Lee Slep
Makeup: Keith Bailey



all rights reserved


Battery One Dollar Bronx, New York

From The Bronx New York, Battery One Dollar

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Track Name: Sleep In The Pavement
Here comes the storm
It won't slow down for me
I feel like an autumn's leaf more than autumn's wind
If it's my fate
If it's my turn
I'll make the seasonal fall and sleep in the pavement
Showered and free
If a shower is what I need
When I wake up I'll be a bookmark to guide you where to begin
I'm constantly at awe
By the force that draws me close
To give up all for you although you will never love me

It's been a long time such a long time
defending my fears
I've done the waiting with all the moments lost

What do I know
About going it for it all
I feel like an autumn's leaf and you are the leap
Track Name: Mannequin
Things are getting out of hand
while I'm sold by the pound
Someone is waving with my parts
While I'm transcending bleeding out.

Never got to kill the internet
In a romantic gesture in case
you kept track of me like I
cyber stalked you on drunken nights

God evolved me this way
An agnostic who pretends
a message could heal all wounds
There's only redemption in my blues

It's so like a body to fall apart
If my arms were still attached
I would shake the timid me
The one who lost it at the seams
Track Name: Shin
Nothing really hurts like when you hurt your shin
cause you kicked and you missed and it hurts so much
you got no luck no
There's a bump rising up
There's a bump rising up
Track Name: Equipped For The Background
Equipped for the background
An echo to hide in place
For a lover's shout a lover's call gets me through the day

The routine just ages
madness starts to leak
comfort is a calm enemy, it's time for me to leave

Face the lack of passion when I have clocked out
Time we are dealt the same
I got my self to blame

It hardly seems like a struggle
And I can't forget
The previous go around was the worst I ever felt
Track Name: The Brothers Gibb
The Brothers GIbb Had harmonies
The brothers Gibb had harmonies
and they stayed alive
They stayed alive through John Travolta and their fans

If you wanna dance with me
If you wanna dance with me
It doesn't take too much
Just don't make fun of my steps they are my own

Fights the poet with his pen
for simple words that one can say

And they stayed alive

Through John Travolta
Is there a quota
To meet befora
We bring this fucker home
Track Name: Heading Straight To Websites Then Papers
It's raining all sorts of people in front of trains
Heading straight to websites then papers
It's also a lesser tragedy to be late
guessing professions on each others breath
This over priced ride just hast to move
I wish it had a face to punch it blue
At least my headphones will numb my rage
It's been a while here inside this cage

Territorial fashion kicks in the assign station
in the appropriate station

it's raining incoherent DJs inside the tarp
trampling elephants on awkward stands
I can not remember when it was
an all inclusive rejection on leper time
The taking turns just has to be
atoms crashing at each others whims
This over hyped times tried to exist
somewhere near Moses muddy tears
Track Name: Some People Don't Dance Because They Got No Feet
When I thought of you
and the art that you do
By evoking desire
with the fire you inspired
You will hurt like the first love I ever lost

In abstract glow
At the beginning of a flow
We counted until late with nothing to gain
You will hurt like the first love I ever lost

Some people don't dance because they got no feet
Others don't dance because they don't know how to live

I scattered here and there
crumbs that I could trace
back to your curves
where my palms were fed
You will hurt like the first love I ever lost
Track Name: #TheHashTags
Believers of geometry and Lucifer
empty out the barrels and let rumor spread

And I was sure it was all for show
Someone wearing a mask, in a trance shot me a glance
daring me to lick the whiskey floor clean
Surrendered and free
Surrendered and freed
Romanticizing life drunkenly

I sit around and watch the morning break
I am the target waiting to be dealt
Track Name: If I Was To Stop
If I was to stop
drinking all the time
My 20s would be bland
and my 30s would be sad
I suggest doing the thing you aare doing right

If I was to die
in an alcoholic tide
surfing with my face
drowning for a taste
i suggest doing the thing you are doing right

I was sick before and after
it's a disaster
I sure know better
But how do I get there
Track Name: It's An Easy Fall From Grace When You Want To Be Out
Oh it seems like
yeah it feels lke
I could be doing more to mess things up

its a habit
an acknowledge habit
To leave before the going gets good

it's an easy fall from grace when you want to be out
it's an easy fall from grace when you try

I don't need lessons
I don't need lectures
I'm paying my respects to the grave of my teenage plight
It is easier
So much easier
To sing songs of sadnnes and broken hearts.